Yo huge props to whoever made this 😂

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We weren’t made to be stagnant. We were made to take risks, learn new things, and grow.🌱#rp @culturestarved

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I know I’m late but @bemi_a got me doing this 20 questions game so here it is (if I tagged you, you should do one too 😉)

1. My name is Bola. Yes just Bola (I don’t trust y’all with my government lol)

2. I am an alumni of Howard University #proudbison

3.I say certain words weird my accent has gone from british to southern so it’s all mixed up lol

4. As far as music I love all types but I’m currently obsessing over @MNEK, I am forever in love with @BigKRIT, and @burna_rankin is my boo 😍

5. I’m the first child of three and my family is what motivates me. I work hard to ensure that any sacrifices made were not made in vain.

6. I’m a Scorpio

7. I’m proudly Nigerian 💚⚪️💚

8. I’m extremely passionate about the success of small black businesses

9. My MBA concentration is in accounting but I’m an artsy wild child

10. Hence my mag @culturestarved and my graphic design biz DARA Designs

11. I love DSP 💛💜 🙌

12. There’s so much that I want to do but so little time.

13. I love my 80s and 90s music

14. When I was younger I wanted to be an architect, poet, artist, teacher, singer, fashion designer(cc @ayeyoob lol) etc.

15. I have to visit Santorini, Greece before I die.

16. I’m a very calm, chill person. Life is too short. Worry about things that matter.

17. Im still a little ratchet Florida girl. #813 #triggacity

18. I have a thing for old school Cadillacs found mostly in the south

19. I’m probably the only gluten-free, tomato-allergic African you know (I miss jollof 😔)

20. I’ve always been different. I have vitiligo, which has been both a struggle and a blessing. I got it when I was about 8 and the hardest thing about having it was dealing with the ignorance of others. Photoshoots that I’ve done were really to raise awareness for it and I’m happy to see @winnieharlow doing exactly that and killing it on #ANTM 👏😍

The Third Annual Hoop For Hope is Coming Soon! Find out more information on the breast cancer awareness basketball tournament at hoopforhopebca.com #hoopforhope #basketball #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #cancer